Frustration affects almost all land countries except 6 or 7, because this majority is kept away from space which continues to be colonized by the dominant powers
On the other hand, these thousands of billions spent on earth will fertilize the Sahara as well as the mountains and make the standard of living accessible to everyone.
The space exploration saga expands and generalizes poverty and frustration
Thousands of billions taken from the budgets of companies to manufacture devices and send them to the extra terrestrial then to clear the space of these aluminum and silicone detritus, the search for black holes and gravitational waves with no real contribution for the citizens terrestrial.
The bluff that consists of saying “Space is the engine of economic growth and innovation for the well-being of all” is intended to fool people and allow a few to smolder in offices pencil in hand against staggering wages.
14.4 billion Euros is the budget allocated by the 22 countries of the European organization
Civil and military budget 40 billion euros
NASA alone: ​​16 billion
20 billion euros
8.4 billion euros
2 billion Euros
Send spacecraft:
In 2018 China sent 39, the Americans 31, the Russians 20 and Europe 8


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