Anatomy of the knee

The knee joint ensures the junction between the femur bone and the tibia bone and the patella bone. Two joints exist at the knee: the patellofemoral joint between the femur and the patella, and the tibial-femoral joint between the femur and the tibia which itself is divided enfemoro-tibial internal and femoro-tibial external.

La gonalgie

La gonalgie est une douleur résultant du  disfonctionnement du genou et peut avoir des origines multiples : accidents , traumatisme, maladie , congénitale ou  héréditaire .

La douleur au niveau du  genou peut aussi avoir comme origine la mauvaise répartition des points d’appui du pied au sol. Ces douleurs peuvent survenir aussi brutalement après  une fracture ou une entorse ou progressivement suite a une  cause mécanique ou inflammatoire.

osteoarthritisOsteoarthritis, also known as osteoarthritis, is a condition that manifests itself in joint pain, the cause of which may be the abnormal wear of the cartilage and the entire joint.

Osteoarthritis affects the joints medically known as “chronic degenerative arthropathy” and is characterized by difficulty in performing painful joint movements.

Among his symptoms:

Swelling and crunches in the joints


L’arthrose dit aussi  ostéoarthrite  est une affection  qui se manifeste par des douleurs aux articulations dont la cause peut etre  l’usure anormale du cartilage et de l’ensemble de l’articulation

L’arthrose touche les articulations médicalement connu sous le nom de ” arthropathie chronique dégénérative” et se  caractérise par  la difficulté à effectuer des mouvements articulaires douloureuses.

Parmi ses symptomes:

Gonflements et craquements au niveau des articulations

Douleurs aux articulations

Déformation des articulations

Walking, a significant remedy in knee pain

affects about half of people over the age of fifty and can be very painful for many.

American researchers argue that walking is an important part of alleviating pain or even participating in healing.

quote planesante:

“I think we should explain all the benefits of walking to our knee osteoarthritis patients,” he says. We should also get them to measure their physical activity with a pedometer. This is finally a gesture similar to weighing yourself with a scale. Patients embarking on a walking program should expect a minimum of 3000 steps per day, and should attempt to reach the target of 6,000 steps daily. In the end, 3000 steps every day is not so difficult.





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