The conversion of Arab countries to barracks is almost complete
In the end, the military got the better of their countries in almost all the Arab countries. We were accustomed to corporals inherited from colonization, subjecting the country to decades of dictatorship and miseries, and who did not hesitate to exchange donations of international aid in wisky cargoes, today this is no longer the case, are small lucky soldiers who, by magic or baseness have risen to the rank of general and turns against the one who stuffed them with bronze as medals and who nowadays unify and help each other to display their power over the ruins of their macabre actions. The Noriega to Panama are not lacking among the Arabs. Egyptian planes bombard Libyan citizens. The boots and boots finally find a certain pride in Algeria and Soudant. In Iraq and Syria the military has become a servant of foreigners who finally find a space dedicated to the real test of their destructive weapons.
The two or three countries that continue to suppress and hold these enraged and power-hungry soldiers in silence within their borders.
The West today cares little or not about the fate of humans what interests it is to glean the maximum profits for itself


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