Haftar should rather inspire fear and not trust
His ambiguous fight against the pseudo Islamic forces can only be a means to seize the military and civil powers, and it reminds us of bad memories of his predecessor Gaddafi, worse, if Gaddafi was impregnated with the madness of grandeur Haftar him is unscathed and therefore represents more danger for the country.
Egypt, Algeria, the Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and France seem to be his main supporters of Weapons and Policies, each according to his expectations and future benefits.
The assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens by the Salafist group Ansar al-Sharia in Libya should not be an alibi for haftar to carry out his macabre offensives often described as a secularist crusade against Islamic extremism
Haftar can only be the copy of General Sissi and Abdel Nasser from the 1960s.
The bombing carried out by the Egyptian aviation in Libya is a proof that these soldiers seek to turn the Arab countries into barracks at their service