The flea of illegal immigration is a European lie

We do not know the purpose of this anarchic advertising that makes illegal immigration a scourge that haunts the citizen and the European politician.
The statistics are there to disapprove this lie that aims first and foremost to denigrate and frustrate African countries and citizens to lower their backs against their former settlers.
Europe has more than 500 million citizens and, in the most advanced cases, hosts around 1 million immigrants a year, which is nothing, absolutely absurd, to talk about the metamorphosis of the environment in Europe.
Surely these countries, which are treated as sources of illegal immigration, receive more than a million or even millions of European migrants at home without being talked about.
in Morocco alone, we can see the tens of millions of caravaneers who have invaded the country without the benefit of the citizen.


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  1. tach toukte says:

    مشكلة الهجرة غير الشرعية هي كذبة أوروبية
    لا ندري الغرض من هذا الإعلان الفوضوي الذي يجعل الهجرة غير الشرعية آفة تطارد المواطن والسياسي الأوروبي

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