strategy of agriculture in Morocco

Morocco is a leader in the production of citrus fruits. Nearly 600 000 tonnes per year or about 54 percent of our production comes from the southern region Agadir and about The drought and the sometimes exagerant temperatures in August September are fought by the drilling of the wells in abundance and the greenhouse culture

The global context marked by food security,
the climate change, the rise of the price of s products
agricultural producers, the empowerment of producers, the fight against
poverty at imposed on Morocco to review its strategy
agricultural in a sense upgrading, restructuring and of redefinition of the missions.

Morocco has 144 large dams and 13 others under construction

To anticipate the risk of water shortage, King Mohammed VI ordered the construction, as soon as possible and in different regions of the Kingdom, of dams of different capacities (large, medium and small), as well as dams and the possible establishment of desalination plants, while ensuring the continuation of the program of water saving in the agricultural field.


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