quote “Mimouni”
The most common Amazigh musical instruments are the
drum “(abendayar or ettebel) and the flute, instrument of
music of solitude, it is used by the shepherd who
find alone, in the mountains or in the desert. Play the
flute (tajouakt). Almost all the old raiss started their shopping
from this path. In Tuareg

Known is “the imzad”, an instrument with a rope,
reserved exclusively for women.
Today, Amazigh singers use musical instruments
modern music like: derbouka, bendir, oud (lute). With the
development of the so-called modern song, we have seen the recent introduction of the violin,
piano, counter bass, drums, electronic organ etc.
Rais Mohamed outahnaoute and his orchestra, the word dance and music, here beauty has associated with charm and
artistic know-how to achieve this prestigious pieces
Moroccan Berbere Amazigh folk



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