The price equivalent of military airplane

The price of a single plane can be worth the equivalent of the annual harvest of a leading African country

These military jewels are worth billions, are invulnerable
sow death in their passage and the desolation to whom
in spite of their invaluable treasure can not buy them
the price of a single plane can be worth the equivalent of the
self-directed, who escape and travel across the continents to
attack the target, no longer can stop the great powers to
treat others in game
Helicopters that overtake planes in their
maneuverability and firepower
the price of
these gear of death is exorbitant
attempt to share the cake,

A few countries of the third party

cake whose booty is enormous, successes but the
riposte and the monopoly are accentuated and their
future is in danger

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  1. elmimouni says:

    this is a lot of money
    a lot of billions for an airplane killing men! a world without ware canot ne possible!

  2. salem says:

    very high price for a airplane made to make war!

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